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Decorative Chipping


Our range of decorative chippings come in one ton bags. One ton should cover approximately 12-15 m2 of area depending on the depth which it is laid. Chipping sizes can vary from 14mm to 20mm Decorative chippings are used in plant beds, driveways, drainage channels, pathways, water features, ponds and much more. Using a colourful decorative chipping can really enhance your home or garden.


Precast Concrete:
900 x 150 x 50 Bullnosed Garden Edge
900 x 150 x 50 Flat Top Garden Edge
900 x 135 x 85 Half Battered Small Kerb
900 x 180 x 100 Half Battered Medium Kerb
900 x 250 x 125 Half Battered Road Kerb

Natural Granite:
1000 x 175 x 85mm Driveway Kerb
600 x 150 x 50mm Garden Edging

Sahara Sandstone:
600 x 150 x 50mm Garden Edging


  1. Mix grout into a thick dry paste
  2. Plug all the end slabs with the dry paste to prevent the flow of wet grout beyond the paving boundary
  3. Add water to your grout and mix the remaining grout into a wet slurry consistency
  4. Using a wide rubber strip attached to a long handle work the grout into the joints
  5. Concentrating on small areas at a time apply the grout to the paved area
  6. Depending on weather conditions and outside temperature allow grout to set for a very short time
  7. Using a sponge lightly wipe the grout from the paved surface
  8. Using a garden hose with a spray nozzle attached, lightly wash the grout from the surface of paving. Hold the hose horizontal to the pacing to avoid washing the grout out of the joints
  9. Using a soft brush sweep the excess water and grout diagonally across the paving and away from the paved area. Do NOT allow grout to flow into drains or waste water pipes.
  10. Once the area is completely clean of grout residue allow to set for 24 hours before walking on paved area.